Lucio Gobbi

Welcome to my website. I am an Assistant Professor in Economics

I hold a PhD from the University of Trento.

My research focuses on Macroeconomics, Financial Stability, Public Debts and Financial Network.


Download my CV here

Latest and ongoing works:

Creating a Safe Asset without Debt Mutualization: the Opportunity of a European Debt Agency

with Amato Massimo, Belloni Everardo, Favero Carlo A.

CEPR (link)

Monetary Policy, Rational Confidence and Neo-Fisherian Depressions

with Mazzocchi Ronny and Tamborini Roberto

EconPol Working Paper 38 (link)

Accepted at Metroeconomica

Social Determinants of Citations: An Empirical Analysis of UK Economists

with D’ippoliti Carlo, Mongeau Christian and Zacchia Giulia

Accepted at Kyklos

The economics and algorithmics of an integral settlement procedure on B2B networks

with Amato Massimo and Fates Nazim

SSRN (link)

The war of payment systems

with Fantacci Luca